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What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

Short Balding Guy

I'll Lock Up
Minnesota, USA
Late afternoon I was cooling off under a Supernatural Milan from the Ecuadorian Hat Company. Glorious milan of high quality.



Early evening I have been enjoying an unlined Knox Vagabond.


Be safe, be strong and see you on the streets soon, Eric -


Practically Family
Buckeye, Arizona
A regular in my summer rotation, a Panama Hats Direct fino fino, re-finished with a newer band by Vintage Silhouettes.
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Earlier this afternoon I gazed off into the clouds of the western sky over the pond... it was beautiful.
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But look closer! Who was this?! Definitely a Member! The Fedora Lounge is now cloud-based!!! View attachment 242699
I’m a big fan of Randolph aviators with crown mineral glass lens, are those AGX lens or the green flash mirror? If they’re green flash mirror how do they compare to the grey or brown lens?
Boston area
I’m a big fan of Randolph aviators with crown mineral glass lens, are those AGX lens or the green flash mirror? If they’re green flash mirror how do they compare to the grey or brown lens?

You know your sunglasses, sir! Randolph Engineering makes excellent products.
I live in Randolph, and with the periodic factory sales over the years I have tried most Combinations of their lens materials and coatings. Don’t ask me to count how many pair... There are no bad ones, but to my eyes the mineral glass lenses are optically best. Every pilot I know uses them.
The ones in the photo are prescription Trivex lenses.
All joking aside, that green hat is fantastic! I can see anyone making an exception for such a stunner.
Thanks, Brent. Rules are meant to be broken (but only if they need to be).

Great lines and weave on this straw Stefan. I do like the ribbon treatment it came with. Good to see that the weather in Holland is letting you wear light straws.

Quite sporty of you Michael. Always love the look of a boater. It is sunny here today, a boater may be in order for me too.
Thanks, Mike. I was able to waer felts this week, but coming week is definitely going to be straw all the way.
Thanks sir.

Steve; Not the fuzzy, chamois glorious complicated/difficult felt of the cool weather felts, but your recent showcased hats have unique, classic and classy hues. The vintage feather adds character. Again, thanks for sharing.

Thank sir. I do need to wear my VS fedoras more often. Art Fawcett is and always will be the hat whisperer.

With or wothout that hat appears perfect for warmer weather. Two looks means two days without repeating. Heaven forbid a hat gets repeated. ;)

Michael you wear a boater confidently.

This morning a dog soiree in an unlined brown Stetson Playboy. No humans were seen before 6:30am.



A run was next on the agenda. A walkabout to cool down turned out to be a couple hours in the Park Reserve. A VS Wanderer in a lightweight Art-lite dove hued beaver felt was my fedora choice.





The locals were out in numbers. No humans.


Home and fixing brunch (pasta carbonara with andouille sausage, tomatoes and spinach) had me enjoying my meal on the deck in a VS Wanderer (Art-lite silverbelly beaver felt).



Cheers on this June Sunday, Eric -
Thanks, Eric. Words to live by; can't have a repeat.;)
Hmmm. Summer soldier.
Live to fight another day, Max. Call it what you want, it's still going to stay:D
Good to see you again, Harv. Nice straw you'r sporting there.

I got the wife out of the house for a road trip today! We visited the Oregon Thyme Garden about an hour away from us. Lots of inspiration for my Covid gardening. Bought some creeping stuff... Wore my early 1960s Dobbs Milan. In my grab and go pile of late.
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Nice to see you out and about, Mike.

Wegener "Seal", 5 1/2 inch crown open, 2 5/8 inch brim, probably mid to later 1950s. Great felt finish / color and very high quality components / construction. Also has crown side ventilation with breathable liner.










Wegener Hat Holder


Exquisite, Steve. Love the vents; very unusual for a Hückel I believe.
View attachment 241963 New 50s Stetson Premier straw.
Very near mint! Merely needed to steam shape it some.
Easily my favorite straw. View attachment 241965 View attachment 241964 View attachment 241966 View attachment 241961 View attachment 241962
Nice looking straw, Randall. The pug is super!

Hello friends, looking forward to catching up a bit. Haven't been around here much lately, but have been wearing my hats diligently, as always.
Here is an assortment, noncomprehenive of course, of how I've gotten from March to June.

View attachment 241995 View attachment 241996
Good to see you, Jeff. Fantastic collage of your hats.

Wegener, Paper Label missing, possibly mid 1920s to later 1920s. Fantastic Felt with a very soft hand. Over Welt Brim with Hidden Stitch, Tall Crown with Wide Band, Crown Tip Patch survived. Found this hat back in September 2014.





Mini Porcelain Top Hat promo item from the shop (Th. Scheunpflug, Freiberg, Saxony) that sold this Hat.


Magnificent, Steve. Love it.

Dang, Stefan-- that green Borsalino! 100% envious. What a beautiful little gem.
Thanks, Jeff. Good enough to set aside my dislike for green hats for (and that's saying something).
Got this 1950s Adam Executive ready for its first trip out and our first visit back to the beach this evening.

View attachment 242170

This one arrived about a week ago a bit worse the wear from It’s travels. Most notably the front of the brim appeared to be folded and creased. The felt a bit weakened in that area.

After a serious brushing I got a big pot of water boiling and set to work. After a combination of a good amount of steam and more brushing. It really came back to life. Smoothed out some sloppy areas of the brim and crown. And then focused my attention on the tweaked front of the brim. More stream and more brushing and some of its structure recovered. Not one hundred percent. But very happy with the results.

as it arrived...

View attachment 242171


View attachment 242172 View attachment 242173

And a perfect evening for sunset at the beach.

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Nice work, Joe. Patience and steam will get it to where it needs to be.

A beauty; that ribbon really makes it.

I have had this hat for two years.
View attachment 242228
The straw cone arrived two years ago from Catacaos - Peru. Home of the straw hats in Peru, it is very beautiful.
View attachment 242229
It was finished by Penumbra hat with my specifications, but I have never worn it. Maybe it's too massive for my taste
View attachment 242231
Today I took some pictures to see it worn, but I'm not convinced :rolleyes:

Many thanks to all those who in recent months have allowed me to see hats of all kinds and styles, have helped me to look at the world with a positive spirit
It sure has presence and I do like the look of it, Daniele. But I can see it's not an every day hat.

Macy's Men's Store Panama this morning
IMG_4527 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
IMG_4526 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
IMG_4528 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
Coming around to some high summer weather here
6-17-2020 Today's Clothes by Michael A2012, on Flickr
IMG_4531 by Michael A2012, on Flickr
Have a good day,
Classic panama look; hard to beat, Michael.

Very nice, Max. The felt ribbon works well for this one.
1950s Saks Fifth Avenue

View attachment 242277

1950s Saks Fifth Avenue
4 1/2 Crown as shaped 5 1/2 open
1 3/4 burnt orange to copper ribbon
2 3/8 brim with felted welt edge (Cavanagh)

This one came for its very cool burnt orange to copper ribbon... it is staying for its super soft and light felt and beautifully well done “felt welted edge” (Cavanagh). The felt is light and buttery. I do not know if it is originally unlined.. but that is how it is now. I had thought this one had flown the coop As it went for a pretty penny on its original auction. It turned out the buyer did not pay and it fell into my lap. Seller says this Saks logo was only used in 1955.. if true a pretty good dating mechanism.

It is not without its flaws for sure. The sweat is starting to deteriorate.. but still comfy. There is a small hole in the felt right under the edge where the ribbon meets the brim.. but fairly concealed by the ribbon. There are also some light spots on the felt... but I was able to scrub some of that out with a damp rag. And then a few small blemishes on the ribbon.

I have my suspicions based on the manufacturing tag and the felted welt edge stamping on the sweat this may have been made by Dobbs or possibly Knox. If anyone has any insight there.

All and all I am very pleased with this one

View attachment 242278 View attachment 242279 View attachment 242280 View attachment 242281 View attachment 242283 View attachment 242284 View attachment 242288 View attachment 242287 View attachment 242285

Tonak "Gazela" possibly early 1950s. I found this hat back in 2013.





Interesting that they used German "Arb. Nr." -> "Worker Number" here.


And Czech on Main Paper Label.


170th (1799 - 1969) Anniversary of TONAK (24 Years).


"In the Footsteps of Tonak" (I translated this Chapter back in 2015)

Very nice, Steve. Not too many early Tonaks to be found.
Ventured out of my personal annex to the Air Force Base to pick up some lunch in an OPS-era Dobbs Cross Country. The lightness of the Hankachif felt is nothing to sneeze at. View attachment 242597 View attachment 242596 View attachment 242592 View attachment 242594 View attachment 242593 View attachment 242595
Very cool. I may have asked this before, Jim, but how much does it weigh? I'm very interested in these lightweight felts and how light they really are.

Fabulous, Bill. The ribbon is one of the coolest I've seen in a while.

Home this Friday evening enjoying time puttering in the yard before the sun sets. I am wearing a vintage Stetson Bantam. Blue hats matter!




Be safe, be strong and see you on the streets soon, Eric -
Couldn't agree more! Outstanding hat, Eric.
Hard to resist a longhair. Very nice, Max.

Relying on the count of montecristi weaves as the standard of quality is a bit like judging a violin by its strings. Each hand woven Panama goes through a lot of fine tuning to play its music... the weaver's skill harmonizing with a hatter's blocking. A lot of opportunities for wrong notes. A fine montecristi is truly a thing of beauty. It is also quite heavy and dense - perhaps not the most comfortable choice for a hot, humid day. Here is one sold under the Cavanagh brand, 11 vueltas, nicely woven and handsomely finished as you would expect from this premier brand. A happy solstice to all my hat friends!





A work of art. The weavers of these pieces deserve more recognition for their skill.

Certifiably summer today with the Mercury edging over 95 Fahrenheits.

So, summer weight Playboy it is.

View attachment 242879 View attachment 242876 View attachment 242875 View attachment 242880 View attachment 242878 View attachment 242877

Marshall Field. Is that anything like Marshall, Will, and Holly?
Another nice one, Jim. I like this colour for a lightweight.
Work has kept me away from posting regularly, but the hats were there. Summer felts is the theme. Or lightweights if you will; all under 100 grams.
Barbisio Sportex
80 grams

Borsalino Lunasca Nembo
85 grams

Borsalino Ergosan Palladio
61 grams

Portis blue
92 grams

Borsalino Rogers Peet (no label)
85 gram

Borsalino Cocisan Palladio
80 gram

Daniele Tanto

My Mail is Forwarded Here
Verona - Italia
Work has kept me away from posting regularly, but the hats were there. Summer felts is the theme. Or lightweights if you will; all under 100 grams.
Stefan, we have to say thanks to the old Italian hatters who managed to produce consistent and very light felts.
Nobody like them ;)
Thank you for keeping the level of Italian production high

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